Eva finishes in the top fifteen at Trofeo Binda

2018 - Trofeo Alfredo Binda

The team lined up at the twentieth edition of the long running spring classic, Trofeo Alfredo Binda in Italy on Sunday. Under dark sky, heavy rain and flooded roads we faced challenging conditions for our second UCI World Tour race of the season. Our goal for the race was to improve on last year’s placing (25th), with the challenge set of securing a top fifteen spot. 


The rain came down as the race left the start in the village of Taino. The route consisting of one large loop before entering a smaller loop for 4 laps around the finish in Cittiglio. The first big loop was uneventful as the large group approached the first QOM at Cunardo. The race started slowly, building up to a crescendo in the hills that surround Cittiglio on the periphery of Lake Maggiore, just north of Milan. 


Entering the last half of the race, we were omnipresent and well represented in the front third of the peloton when Tayler suffered an unfortunate and untimely mechanical at the foot of the climb up into Casalzuingo. Lizzie Holden was called back to pace Tayler back to the peloton, but the pace was high and the pair never regained contact to the front of the race.


As the race reached the closing laps, Abby-Mae, Eva and Kathrin were all present in the front. Kathrin was active in several moves, including one with the Italian road race champion, Elisa Longo Borghini, whilst Eva bided her time, waiting for her chance at the finish from the diminishing group.


On the final ascent to Casale, Canyon-SRAM’s Kasia Niewiadoma blew the race apart attacking the head of the field. Her attack bridged her across to the day’s main breakaway. Another effort over the final Orino climb saw her in the lead solo and she held on to take her first one day World Tour victory.


Meanwhile, a group of nine had been left 23 seconds behind. Eva sprinted to finish 4th in the main group, taking 14th place and successfully achieving the challenge we set ourselves. Kathrin finished in the same group in 25th place. Unfortunately, Abby-Mae faded on the last lap, weakened by a recent bug, but completed the race in one of the many small groups coming in to Cittiglio. Our overall result seeing us achieve our goal of improving on last year’s performance.


After the race, DS Bob Varney spoke

“Every race tells a different story for our riders and team, this weekend we celebrated a great result for Eva that moved us up to 13th place in the UCI Women’s World Tour rankings.
It certainly gives me confidence for the future. We identified Eva as one of the outstanding young talents of her generation, and this weekend hasn’t done anything to change our opinion.
In addition, we had an outstanding performance from Lizzie Holden, who really typified everything that we have been working on these last two years. Individual riders will always have up’s and down’s but the team always continues to progress. Yes, very happy with the weekend!”