Getting to know Molly Weaver


Q. At what point did you realise you wanted to make a career out of cycling?
A. When I was 18 I was in my first year of university, and pretty quickly realised that cycling was where my heart was and I pursued it from there.


Q. if you weren’t a cyclist, what would you have been instead?

A. Probably a police officer. That's always the career I was working towards.


Q. When you’re not working, what’s your favourite way to spend a day?

A. Along with all the other cyclists in Girona, this one would have to be relaxing at the cafe and drinking a coffee (or two or three).


Q. If you had your time again, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

A. To live in the moment. Obviously it's important to have goals and strive for the future, but it's also important to be present. I think I could have enjoyed the journey a bit more.


Q. Who’s your biggest inspiration in life, and why?

A. Ellen Degeneres. Lives life to the full, stands up for what she believes in and spreads joy and positivity. What more could you want?


Q. What 3 items can’t you live without? (no, you can’t pick your bike)

1 - A helmet. Quite literally.

2 - A mobile device with FaceTime/Skype.

3 - Deodorant. Nobody likes someone who smells.


Q. If you could have a super power…

A. Teleportation. Not only could I go anywhere in the world in an instant, I would also never have to endure the travel day again.


Q. What do you hope the future of women’s sport will look like?

A. Equal. If women's sport could be in the same place as men's is now then it would be where it deserves to be. It's sad we're still having to strive for that, but slowly things are changing.


Q. What’s your biggest achievement?

A. I would say my first Spring Classics season as a pro. I achieved better results here then I ever could have hoped for, and it led to a contract with a big team after only a few months. Not to mention it was where my love for these races was born.



Q. What advice would you share with someone who’s new to cycling?

A. Enjoy it. Don't get sucked in to comparing yourself with others and obsessing over numbers. Just ride your bike and get ready to fall in love with it.

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