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Race Report: Ronde van Drenthe



Following the success in Spain, Drops put Ronde van Drenthe in their sights once more hoping to make a big impact at another UCI race. The one-day classic is an important race in the calendar and Barnes, Parkinson, Zorzi, Durrell, Shaw and Simpson on duty, joined the other twenty teams in Holland to do battle on the massive 152km route.


Suzy Zorzi went extremely well for the first half of the race but was unlucky to find herself in the wrong half of the field after a roundabout and couldn’t make it back to her previous position. Meanwhile the narrow roads made life difficult for Parkinson, Durrell, Shaw and Simpson who struggled do move through the group with opportunities to move up few and far between.


Alice Barnes was the Drops rider out in front and with a brief of ‘right place, right time’, she set about making her move at the ideal moment. Showing great awareness and positioning, Barnes made sure she was following the right wheels and successfully made the split for the last climb of the VAMberg. As the only Drops rider in the front group, she had the odds stacked against her going into the final stages. But A strong effort meant that Barnes crossed the line in an impressive 8th place and earned Drops yet another UCI top ten finish.