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Race Report: Drenthe Acht Van Westerveld



The day after Ronde van Drenthe, the team looked to the formidable 140km Drenthe Acht van Westerveld. The team suffered a blow before the race even began when Suzy Zorzi’s illness meant Drops had no choice but to leave her out of the line-up this time round. Annie Simpson suffered a similairy unfortunate fate when after 10km was she forced to stop with pain from an exisitng knee injury.


Heavy crosswinds made for challenging conditions in this flat and fast race and the riders couldn’t get themselves in a competitive position this time around. Durrell and Parkinson fought incredibly hard but when the group split, they were unlucky to find themselves just on the wrong side of it. The two ended the race in 58th and 61st position respectively.


Meanwhile Barnes found herself in the second group after some unfortunate timing with a bottle request having missed out at the feed. She rode hard but was unable to get herself to the front group. She eventually crossed the line in 41st place.


In what was a frequently frustrating race, there were plenty of positives to take into Drops’ next race, Trofeo Binda.