Bianchi Cycle Show Stand

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Bianchi Cycle Show Stand

We worked with Bianchi last year on their two hundred square meter space at the annual NEC Cycle Show. The remit of work having started at the 2015 Cycle Show, where we were briefed to create a stand with longevity, which would make the most of the marketing budget for more than one year.


The original stand design took inspiration from the famous 150 year history synonymous with the Bianchi brand. From their famous sponsored teams, to Pantani, Coppi and other great riders. We agreed to focus on one of their early logos, the Bianchi eagle. We created a large arch as the main structure of the stand, and used the wall and floor space to portray the brand’s history, whilst touching on their latest innovations, such as their countervail technology, with a through-the-ages style timeline. The design of the stand really proved its longevity, requiring a simple re-fresh and update ready for the 2016 Cycle Show.

The large structure dominated space at the show with both height and impact. The stand could be seen immediately as you enter into the show hall. In between the two structures was the heart of the stand, a café area serving high quality Italian coffee, tables chairs for meetings and a space to greet consumers. Either side of this featured a large Bianchi image and wall containing smaller items of Bianchi and Italian history. Pasta, Amaretto, merchandise, coffee, coffee cups, alongside Marco Pantani’s old race bike. A real classic.


The layout of the stand retained its original design for the second year, with both sides of the display used for feature bike platforms, one side for MTB and one side for road. TVs at either end of the stand played a showreel on loop sharing the Bianchi history and brand story. We also allowed space for a retail-specific section, showcasing clothing and merchandise.


Our contract with Bianchi not only covers the design, build, print and install of their stand but also storage in-between shows. Parts of the stand have specifically been created to be used multiple times, at smaller events throughout the calendar, and the main walls will be recycled for next years show.


We’re already in discussion about how we can enhance the stand for 2017 – we can’t wait to do it all again!